preventative medicine

We offer a range of health assessments to keep your health on track no matter what stage of life you are enjoying! Our health assessments are fully covered by Medicare – for more information please speak to our friendly reception staff to see if you are eligible.

75 Years and over – An annual health check, including medications, sight and hearing assessment, which may be referred on, and provides a comprehensive picture of your health. During your visit we discuss your general health, medication and identify any health needs you may have. We recommend this assessment to help provide a comprehensive picture of your health, to prevent future problems and enjoy better health for longer.

Please remember to bring your reading glasses and any medications with you to your appointment.

45-49 year old patients – We offer you a one off, Medicare funded comprehensive/preventative health check – including blood tests and may offer a skin check. Our doctors can guide you in preventative health

4 year old patients – Are given a general health check along with their 4 year old immunisations.

Patients of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander heritage – Are offered an annual health assessment to help them achieve optimum health outcomes.

Diabetes Risk Assessment – is an evaluation for people between the age of 40 and 49 with a high risk of developing diabetes. Are you at risk?

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Please Note

These appointments are available Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

Health Assessment Schedule

At Mandurah Medical Centre, we have a strong commitment to preventive medicine. The schedule below is recommended by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. Please feel free to discuss this with your doctor so that we tailor it to your particular requirements.

Smoking Discussion  Annual Smokers

Dietary Advice

Annual  All

Alcohol Advice

Annual  All

Physical Activity Advice

Annual  All

Cardiovascular Risk


2 Yearly

45 Years

Blood Pressure Check

Annual 18 years

Cholesterol Check

2 Yearly

45 Years

Diabetes Check


40 Years

Kidney Disease Check

5 yearly

50 Years

Skin Cancer Check

Annual 30 Years

Cervical Cancer Check

2 Yearly (or as directed)


Breast Cancer Check

2 Yearly (or as directed)

Women & 50+

Bowel Cancer Check

2 Yearly (or as directed)

50 years

Sexual Health Check

 Annual/New Partner  

Influenza Vaccination



65 years

Pneumonia Vaccination

Minimum of 5 Year Booster

65 years

Mental Health

 Annual All

Weight Check

 Annual All